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RewardFish™ was created with today's consumer in mind. Millions of Americans use the internet each day to interact with the world and search for great deals. The RewardFish™ Program membership community reaches engaged users looking for boundless bargains and the ability to earn free gift cards for the activities they already do online!

As a RewardFish™ advertiser you’ll be able to reach our established base of receptive users through programs like:

  • RewardFish™ activity sponsorship (videos, surveys, etc.)
  • RewardFish™ sweepstakes sponsorship
  • RewardFish™ email marketing

And don’t miss out on the benefits our advertising program offers:

  • Fast service with a dedicated advertising manager
  • Connect your brand's message and drive acquisition with RewardFish™ members
  • Utilize our growing database of users for targeted email and direct marketing

Learn more about the program and discover how you can acquire high-quality leads!

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