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9 Reasons You Need a Wine Subscription for Your Next Hulu and Chill

Date Published : 06-04-2021

A glass of wine can be a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. With a wine subscription box, you never need to worry that your glass will be empty. Wine subscriptions also make for great gifts. Here are nine reasons why you need a Winc subscription as part of your next Hulu and chill night in.

Take the Guesswork Out of What You Buy

A Winc subscription starts with a quiz that identifies which wines you are most likely to enjoy. Human taste buds tend toward certain patterns, which means your preference for coffee or tea, chocolate or fruit, and many other choices influence your taste in wine.

Your quiz results shape your first box, but then your later choices and ratings continue to fine tune your other shipments. You no longer need to stand by the bevy of choices at your local shop wondering what you will like. Winc makes it easy to stay stocked on a variety of vintages most likely to appeal to your tastes.

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Easily Keep Track of Your Favorites

You can rate each bottle of wine you receive to better influence what comes to you in the future. This also gives you an easy reference point when you go to purchase more wine. Never again will you wrack your brain for that brand of wine you liked so much some months past. Quickly check your ratings and you know exactly which favorites to get when it is time to treat yourself.

Decide How Many Surprises You Want

Tailor your box by choosing some wines and leaving others up to chance. If you have liked everything so far, then know your next catered selections will be based on the same taste profile you have been building. It is a great way to balance getting what you want and trying new things.

If you already know certain preferences you have, such as red versus white, you can dictate that in your boxes. Go with all red, all white or some combination of the two. You can also change this setting at any time if your tastes change over time or you’re feeling adventurous.

Craft Your Perfect Night In

Even when health safety practices are not an issue, sometimes you just need a night at home on your own or with your closest friends. A wine subscription box means your bar needs are taken care of when you choose to party on your own couch. Grab your newest bottle of wine, tune into your recent Hulu binge watch, and let the evening chill from the comfort of your own home.

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Gift Your Closest Friends

Once your friends get their first box, they can decide whether to continue their subscription. The more you know about how they take their coffee or their favorite sweet treats, the better their box will match with their tastes. A Winc wine subscription box gift shows how much you pay attention to your friend, and they are sure to love it.

Winc Is One of the Top Wine Makers in the USA

Most vintners make their wine and then advertise it. At Winc, your choices and tastes influence future batches of wine. This means the newest wines always appeal to as many people as possible. Choices from people like you influence where grapes are sourced from and how batches are harvested, pressed, fermented, clarified and aged.

For example, the Summer Water Rosé in 2018 was created based on subscriber input. Over 1,000 people signed up on the waiting list for this unique summer wine. If you want to be on the ground floor of new and unique wines, then you need to sign up for the best wine subscription boxes available.

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Get Free Shipping and Memberships

At Winc, you do not pay for your membership or box shipping. There are no extra fees whatsoever, even if you cut your subscription off. This makes it a cost effective way to get wine delivered right to your door. Other deals that make this a cost effective way to enjoy quality wine are our referral bonuses and discounts.

Earn Discounts on Case Orders

Being a member at Winc provides you with so many great perks. Whether you like to space your purchases far apart, or need extra wine for friends to come over and chill, buying a case for this need comes with a great discount. When you have tried a lot of bottles and narrow down to a top pick, you can also make sure you are constantly stocked with periodic case purchases. Other discounts apply on bulk orders, even if they are not the same vintage.

Skip Months Anytime With No Penalties

Winc will not charge you if you decide to skip a month. Maybe you are going to be out of town or maybe you need a bit more time with the last case you bought. Whatever the reason may be, there is no charge. Nothing bad happens if you need to skip; you lose none of your saved favorites or other subscription information.

Sign Up Now and Start Earning Reward Points

RewardFish has partnered with Winc because it is one of the best wine subscription boxes. Setting up an evening for Hulu and chill is so easy when you have the perfect bottle of wine to pair with it. Join our rewards program and answer one of our surveys about your favorite wine subscription box.

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