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Best Gifts for Pet Owners

Date Published : 06-03-2021

Companion animals are the best. They’re there for you whether your day has been good or bad. According to the CDC website, having a companion animal can help to increase exercise, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels and even help manage loneliness and depression. Since our pets are so good to us, we should be good to them. If you’re a pet owner or are looking for the perfect gift for a pet owner, RewardFish has you covered.


BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs, full of high-quality items your pooch will love. Each month BarkBox comes up with a new theme for its contents to keep your dog entertained. Every box contains two plush toys, two bags of high-quality, all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. You can even add additional items to your box each month. Subscribe yourself or give as a gift to that new puppy owner in your life.

Sign up for BarkBox through RewardFish and earn 550 points ($5.50) toward your next gift card.

Super Chewer

Do you know a dog that loves to chew? Super Chewer is the perfect gift and each month you’ll receive a box of durable dog toys. When you subscribe to Super Chewer, you’ll get two tough, fluff-free toys, two bags of all-natural treats and two delicious meaty chews the dog in your life will love. Super Chewer makes a great gift for that dog owner with a dog who loves to chomp!

Sign up for Super Chewer through RewardFish and earn 1,100 points ($11.00) toward the gift card of your choice. Choose from top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Apple and more!

Paleo Pets

Do you have a pet owner in your life that likes to keep things all natural? Give the gift of Paleo Pets. Paleo Pets specializes in all-natural, organic pet products to help keep harmful chemicals out of your home. With products for cats and dogs, there’s something for everyone. Choose from organic supplements, dental care, flea and tick control, bowls, grooming and more. Introduce your favorite pet owner to Paleo Pets today!

Sign up for Paleo Pets through RewardFish and earn 5% points toward your next gift card.

Mollie has been writing for corporate blogs for nearly ten years.
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