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Best LinkedIn Learning Courses

Date Published : 06-04-2021

Part of staying healthy is exercising your mind.  Thankfully, there are tons of online courses through LinkedIn Learning that help you do just that! Whether you’re looking to find a new career or grow in your current profession, you’ll find the courses to gain the skills you need and show employers you mean business. With LinkedIn Learning, you can select a single class, enroll in a course, or select a learning path to really go in-depth. And don’t forget about the continuing education credits you can earn for:

  • PMI
  • SHRM
  • HRCI
  • IIBA

Let’s take a look at some of the best courses available on LinkedIn Learning. 

Microsoft Programs 

There’s no better place to start then with the basics. Level-up your Microsoft skills game with beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. You’ll be able to filter available courses by level, time to complete, and type (like video or audio). 


Check out Outlook Essential Training to get your mind around Office 365. Then move one to more in-depth courses like Master Microsoft Outlook. And don’t forget the courses that provide training and great advice like Outlook Tips and Tricks. 


Many people are familiar with Microsoft Word, but the program is capable of much more than just the basics. Learn to create templates, track changes in documents and more with learning paths like Master Microsoft Word and courses like Word Essential Training (for Word 2019 and Office 365), Formatting and Styles In Depth, and Word Tips and Tricks. 


Excel does a lot more than simple spreadsheets, and if you can master its capabilities, you’ll be an asset to any employer. Start with the basics like Excel Essential Training and then take Excel beyond and learn to create macros, pivot tables, financial modeling foundations, queries and more with courses like Excel Pivot Tables for Beginners, Excel Introduction to Macros and VBA, Excel Introduction to Formulas and Functions and more.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Creativity is one of the most important soft skills you can bring to a job, and Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry standard for creative, desktop publishing, and video editing programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more. 


Photoshop is the industry standard for processing photos, creating composite images, and advertisement creation. If you’re looking to embark on a more creative career path, Photoshop is a great place to start. Learn the ins and out with Photoshop 2021 Essential Training: The Basics or Photoshop 2021: One-on-One: Fundamentals. Then improve your newly developed skills with Photoshop Quick Tips. With more than 400 Photoshop courses and 16,000+ videos, you’ll be able to master the program at your pace.


Do you love logo design, infographics, posters, banners and more? Dominate Adobe Illustrator. With more than 215 courses, over 4,026 videos, and 8 learning paths to choose from you’ll have a handle on this program in no time! Check out courses like Illustrator 2021 Essential Training, Introduction to Graphic Design: Illustrator, and Illustrator 2021 Quick Start.

Premiere Pro

Have you always been curious about video production? Do you want to learn how to edit videos like a professional? Check out the Premiere Pro courses on Linked in Learning. Start with courses like Premiere Pro 2020 Essential Training, and Introduction to Video Editing, and move on to check out courses like Premiere Pro: Mastering Effects and Transitions, and Introduction to Video Color Correction. 

Looking for more Creative Cloud programs to learn. Check out LinkedIn Learning’s tutorials on After Effects, InDesign, Dreamweaver and more!

Building Websites


Have you always wanted to start a website, but the process seems daunting? Where do you even start? With roughly 40% of the internet running on WordPress, it’s a great place to start to learn web design. Linkedin Learning can cover you all the way through your learning process with courses and learning paths like WordPress 5: Essential Training, Become a Junior WordPress Developer, Become an Advanced WordPress Developer, Wordpress: SEO and many, many more.


Are you creating a new website with Wix? Check out the course Learning Wix for 1.5 hours of instruction to get you started. 


Do you want to build a website with Squarespace, but you aren’t sure where to begin? Check out Squarespace Essential Training to master the platform.

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Accounting Courses

Whether you’re looking to increase your skills at your current job, or undertake the finances of your small business, there is a course for you. LinkedIn Learning has more than 400 accounting courses to choose from. If you’re looking to transition careers, check out their learning path Become a Bookkeeper. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. Try out the Accounting Foundations course or Excel for Accountants. Do you need to learn QuickBooks? Check out QuickBooks Online Essential Training for more than 4 hours of instruction. 

Leadership Courses

Are you ready to take on more responsibility? Maybe you want to change careers and show your new employer that you have the skills it takes to lead a team. Linked in Learning has more than 900 leadership related courses. Check out videos like Leadership Foundations, Leadership Mindsets, and Leadership Fundamentals. 

Data Science

If you love logic and data, then data science might be the right career path for you. Thankfully, you can acquire the skills you need through Linked in Learning. SQL is a great place to start when exploring data science. Start with Basic SQL, Learning SQL Programming, or SQL for Non-Programmers. Then embark on the learning path Master SQL for Data Science to really hone your new-found skills. 

Professional Development

Maybe what you want to develop is a new soft skill. LinkedIn Learning offers courses to help you on your quest for professional development, such as Problem-Solving Techniques, Being an Effective Team Member, and Learning to Be Assertive.

Not matter how you want to grow, personally, professionally, or both, LinkedIn Learning has a course or learning path to take your talents to the next level.

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Mollie has been writing for corporate blogs for nearly ten years.
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