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Best Monthly Subscriptions for Kids

Date Published : 06-05-2021

Children have more time on their hands than ever before. Thankfully, RewardFish has subscriptions to keep them occupied, and we aren't just talking baby bums here—though the Hello Bello Diaper Bundle is a pretty awesome deal for that new or more experienced mama you may know. We've partnered with Disney Movie Club to bring instant classics to your future film buff at an incredibly low cost. If that isn't enough great stuff, our ABC Mouse offer can keep those curious minds consistently moving and learning. Your youngsters will likely have a hard time choosing which activity they like best. Keeping kids entertained can be tricky, even for the most seasoned caretaker, so don’t miss the Raddish Kids offer to fulfill your kiddo's sweet culinary curiosities with their curated e-kits. Why wait? Explore our helpful subscriptions below to make life a little more fun!

Hello Bello Diaper Bundle

Diaper costs can add up quickly. Subscribe to the Hello Bello Diaper club and get discounts on not just diapers, but training pants, and swim diapers in several trendy designs you won’t find elsewhere. You can change the frequency of delivery and ship dates to get the perfect delivery designed by you. You’ll even be surprised with freebies from time to time as an extra thank you for being a customer.

Concerned about keeping it eco-friendly? With Hello Bello's sustainably harvested materials your diapers won’t come with chlorine processing or artificial fragrance so many others contain. You’ll make even the most sensitive baby skin happy. As a bonus, they also offer year around military and first responder discounts. 

Sign up for Hello Bello through RewardFish today and earn 375 points toward your next gift card.

Disney Movie Club

Snuggle up with your kiddos and catch up on all of your favorite Disney movies. Whether the kids are into fairytales or adventures you’ll have plenty of films to choose from. With titles like Moana, Toy Story 3, Avengers and Mulan, Disney Movie Club gives you access to the ultimate Disney library and members only savings. 

Host family movie night without breaking the bank. When you join Disney Movie Club, you can purchase three movies for $1.99/each and receive free shipping on your initial order! That’s three movie nights in for a fraction of the cost of one movie night out. How’s that for savings? 

Join Disney Movie Club through RewardFish today and earn 700 points ($7.00) toward the gift card of your choice. 


ABCmouse provides learning activities designed for children ages 2 to 8. Activities are separated by subject matter and kids can experience progressive learning on computers, tablets, and even smartphones. (i.e., they can learn anytime, anywhere)

ABCmouse allows users to learn in style through creating their own avatar. The website offers education through games, books, songs, puzzles, art, and printables, so no matter your child’s preferred activities, they will be able to have a great time while practicing their skills. There’s even a progress tracker to review their learning by academic level and subject learning.  

Try it free for an entire month and only $12.99/month thereafter. There is also special pricing for an annual account option you will not want to let pass you by. We almost forgot to mention, you can also share this service with your child’s teacher, as there is an added perk for being an educator. 

Give your kids the gift of knowledge by signing up for ABCmouse through RewardFish and earn 300 points ($3.00) toward your next gift card.

Raddish Kids

Give your child the creative license to prep their own plate and maybe yours too with a Raddish Kids subscription. Unique kits are sent each month, so you’ll never wind up repeating meals. 

Cooking blends (no pun intended) elements of math and science and is a great tool for building confidence in addition to allowing your child to practice these necessary skills (without them even realizing it!). 

Learning something new as a family is a great way to bond. Sharing food can create lasting memories kids will cherish for years to come. Each kit comes with recipes, a kitchen item, a creative activity and more.

There are also a ton of additional resources within the Bonus Bites section of their site, like their musical playlists to get the creative culinary juices stewing—err, we meant flowing, and lesson plans for homeschooling parents. Choose from an array of cooking videos and don’t miss the section for dietary restrictions if your children have special concerns to keep in mind. If you know someone who would love to try an e- kit, you can also easily give Raddish Kids as a gift to the future master chef  in your life. 

Signup for Raddish Kids through RewardFish and earn 375 points ($3.75) toward the gift card of your choice. Choose from dozens of gift cards to nationwide retailers and restaurants including Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Chili’s, and more…  Now that’s a great deal!

Not a member yet? Join RewardFish to start earning points today and best of all, it’s ALWAYS FREE to join! 

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