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Best Wine Delivery Service

Date Published : 06-09-2021

Why are Wine Delivery Services So Popular?

In 2014, the United States was noted as the largest wine consuming nation in the world. According to the Wine Institute, in 2018 there were 966 million gallons of wine consumed in the United States. And in 2019, California wine sales alone exceeded $43.6 billion dollars in sales in the U.S. market. 

With more and more people choosing wine as their adult beverage of choice, wine subscription services have emerged to help casual wine drinkers become connoisseurs.  

Benefits of Wine Delivery Service

There are a number of benefits to a wine delivery service. You’ll be able to try multiple wines at a discount and maybe even discover a new favorite. You’ll always have a bottle on-hand for that nice dinner or a hostess gift, and with wine delivered directly to your door, you’ll never have to make a special trip to the store again. 

Best Wine Club Subscriptions 


Firstleaf is a monthly subscription service that tailors your wines to your tastes. You start by taking a wine quiz to give Firstleaf a sense of your preferences. They will then send you new wines each month based on your tastes. Members can rate each wine as they try it and Firstleaf will use this information to improve each future box. The more wines you rate, the more tailored your box will be. If you get a bottle you don’t enjoy, Firstleaf will credit you for it. With 60% off of retail and free shipping, you’ll be able to expand your palate rapidly. And you aren’t just limited to new wines. If you’ve found a favorite in a previous box, you can reorder it at any time. 

Sign up for Firstleaf through RewardFish today and earn 1,750 points ($17.50) toward the gift card of your choice. 

Wine Insiders

If you love wine, you’ll love Wine Insiders. New members receive a 12-bottle case of wines, plus 3 free bonus bottles and free shipping on their first order, all for $89 (a $209 value). You will have the opportunity to state your preference of receiving red wine, white wine, or a mixed case. A new case of wine will be delivered every 12 weeks with 12 bottles of super-premium wines. Satisfaction is guaranteed and you can cancel at any time. With Wine Insiders you can discover new favorites and enjoy exclusives from some of the world’s best wineries and wine regions. 

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Winc Wines

Winc Wines is a unique monthly wine subscription tailored to help connoisseurs and newbies alike discover wines they’ll love. You begin by completing your palate profile, answering six questions to give Winc an idea of your tastes. You can then choose from the personalized pairing recommendations or explore their options and make your own selections. Rate the wines you receive to further refine your recommendations. 

Every month, Winc will deposit 60 credits into your member account. You can use these credits for exclusive wines at members-only prices. You may use your credits at any time (they rollover from month to month and never expire), making it easy to skip a month. Orders over $50 include free shipping. For ease of shopping, Winc has their wines sorted by specific categories such as vegan wine, organic wine, low sugar wine, low alcohol wine, and many more.

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Unlike wine clubs, Splash gives you the opportunity to order wines at a discount without a membership. When you place an order with Splash you’ll receive 15 bottles of wine valued at $17 to $30 for less than $7 a bottle plus free shipping. Splash also guarantees the quality of their wines meaning you will never pay for a wine that does not meet your expectations. They have a devoted customer service team to answer any consumer questions via phone or email.

Why Join a Wine Club

With their extensive selections to choose from and discounted prices, wine clubs are a great way to try something new and get wine delivered directly to your door. Want to beef up the benefits of your wine subscription? Sign up through RewardFish and earn points toward the gift card of your choice. 

Not a member yet? Join RewardFish to start earning points today and best of all, it’s Always Free to join! 

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