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Easy Ways to Invest Money

Date Published : 09-11-2021

The idea of investing can seem out of reach for so many, but it doesn’t have to be. There are services available to help you get started investing with as little as five dollars. And when you sign up through RewardFish, you’ll earn points in the process, redeemable for gift cards to your favorite restaurants and retailers.

Here are some easy ways to start investing today.


Stash is a personal finance app that allows you to invest by purchasing fractional shares of stocks, making it easier for the average American to build wealth and achieve financial goals. Stash offers three monthly plans to choose from:

Stash Beginner: For $1 a month you can sign-up for Stash and start investing. Stash beginner is great for first-time investors. With Stash Beginner you’ll get a personal investment account, their Stock-Back card (a Stash Visa debit card with stock rewards), savings tools, personal advice and $1,000 of life insurance coverage.

Stash Growth: For $3 a month, the Stash Growth plan is a great option for those looking to expand their long-term wealth building. In addition to the benefits of the Stash Beginner plan, you’ll have access to a traditional or Roth IRA to advance your retirement savings.

Stash+: For $9 a month Stash+ is a great plan for those looking to build wealth and often use a debit card. With Stash+ your Stock-Back card earns double stock. In addition to the benefits of the Stash Beginning and Stash Growth plans, Stash+ offers and investment account for kids, exclusive monthly market insights, and $10,000 of life insurance coverage. 

Want to earn points while you build wealth? Earn 250 points ($2.50) toward your next gift card when you sign up for Stash through RewardFish. 


Acorns is a personal finance app that helps you invest spare change, set recurring investments and more with an easy, automated investment account. You can also take advantage of their retirement accounts, accounts for kids, and exclusive offers and content. Acorns offers three monthly plans to choose from. 

Lite: For $1 a month you can take advantage of Acorn’s Real-Time Round-Ups. This allows you to invest your spare change from daily purchases into a diversified portfolio build by experts. Every dollar invested is automatically diversified in more than 7,000 stocks and bonds. When you round-up with Acorns, your money gets automatically invested into one of their diversified ETF portfolios. It’s a great way to dip your toe in the investment waters without breaking the bank.

Personal: For $3 a month you’ll receive an all-in-one investment, retirement, and checking account, including a metal debit card, bonus investments, and financial advice. The Acorns checking account comes with a debit card offering access to more than 55,000 fee free ATMs nationwide and worldwide. 

Family: For $5 a month you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of Acorns Lite and Personal plans as well as an investment account for kids. You can add multiple children at no extra cost and receive family financial advice, flexibility with the funds, and potential tax savings while they grow. 

Looking to increase that savings? Sign up for Acorns through RewardFish and earn 500 points ($5.00) toward your first gift card.

Rocket Dollar

If you’re looking to beef-up your retirement savings, then Rocket Dollar is for you! With Rocket Dollar you are in control of your investments. You will not be limited to selecting from a pre-set menu of mutual funds or confined to one asset class. You direct your retirement investments as you choose from any asset class allowed by the IRS. There are two plans to choose from:

Core: For $15 a month and a one-time setup fee you’ll be able to open a Rocket Dollar account with no minimum opening deposit, no cost cash transfers, online document storage, and investment dashboard to track investments and more. 

Gold: For $30 a month you’ll get all of the benefits of the Core plan plus additional benefits such as expedited service and transfers, four free wire transfers per year, a Rocket Dollar account debit card, IRA conversion assistance and more. 

Earn 7.5% points back when you sign up for Rocket Dollar through RewardFish. Not a member? Join RewardFish today.

Mollie has been writing for corporate blogs for nearly ten years.
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