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Find the Best Online Sweepstakes and Increase Your Chances of Winning

Date Published : 06-04-2021

Entering an online sweepstakes contest is free, simple and fast. If you love winning prizes and playing fun free online sweepstakes games, you can increase your chances of being a winner by entering as many as possible. There are lots of sites around the web that can give you an opportunity to win a cool prize and they are typically free and require little effort to enter. Here are the best tips for online sweepstakes sites to help boost your chances of winning an amazing prize.

Online Sweepstakes Tips

Use Autofill 

Before going on an online sweepstakes entering spree, you need to set up your computer or phone to make the process quicker and less of a hassle. If you've ever filled out an application or another online form, you know it takes some time to enter in your name, address, phone number, email and other contact details. You can speed up the process and save yourself some time by using your browser's autofill feature. Simply go to your device's browser settings and activate autofill. Pre-enter your details here and you can quickly add them over and over again when entering new sweepstakes contests.

Get a Second Email Address

When you enter a lot of sweepstakes contests and sign up for things, you will need to use an email address to activate your account or submit your entry form. Instead of using your primary email address or a work email account, consider creating a separate email account just for sweepstakes contests. Having a separate email just for these contests can help you stay more organized and make sure you don’t miss one of those emails saying “You won!”

Be Aware of Scams

Online contest enthusiasts also have to look out for potential scams. If you find an online sweepstakes contest, make sure it is legitimate before submitting your personal information in the entry form. Unfortunately, there are some sites that are designed to look like a contest but are actually phishing scams created to steal people's personal and financial information. Be aware of the potential signs of an online scam. If the site asks for things like your social security number, or you’re required to provide payment information in order to enter, skip it. Websites that have a lot of grammar and spelling errors may also be suspect so carefully read online information to make sure it is a real sweepstakes contest.

Check Out Free Online Sweepstakes Listings Sites 

You can also save time and effort if you find one site that aggregates all of the best online sweepstakes sites in one place. At Rewardfish.com you can sign up for a free membership and access many different online sweepstakes sites in one spot. These contests are constantly changing and updating depending on the entry deadlines, so you can revisit this hub to find new sweepstakes to enter each week. Some of the prizes available through RewardFish offers include $50,000, a sports car and $500 a day. Best of all, at RewardFish you can earn points while entering sweepstakes that are redeemable for gift cards to your favorite retailers and restaurants. 

Check out some of our sweepstakes offers:

  • Everyday Winner
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  • My Daily Moment

Read Over the Rules

You should also understand the rules and details for each contest you enter. When you enter a new contest, there may be a long, detailed document that gives a comprehensive overview of the sweepstakes' rules. Be sure you understand exactly what you're entering so you don't make a mistake and disqualify yourself from winning. You could miss out on a great prize if you skip over the requirements and blindly enter each contest you come across.

Connect on Social Media 

There are also many different online contests and sweepstakes that happen over social media. Make sure you have an active account on the most popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can do a hashtag search for sweepstakes or contests to find the ones that interest you and any you are eligible for. Some social media contests may require you to post a photo, like a page or leave a comment. This is an easy and fun way to enter more contests and potentially win a prize.

RewardFish members can find free bonus codes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest weekly to add bonus points toward their next gift card!

Use a Strategy

It's also wise to have some sort of cohesive strategy for entering sweepstakes and contests online. If you just throw entries at any contest you come across, that may be fine and less time-consuming, but you may not win very much. Instead, try to focus on obscure contests and sweepstakes for people in niche hobbies and interests or enter local contests where there may be fewer people participating. When you are allowed to enter a contest multiple times, take advantage of that to increase your chances of winning.

Check out some of our sweepstakes offers:

  • AARP Rewards Sweeps
  • Sweepstakes Bucks
  • 80Eighty

Have Fun

The most important thing in entering free online sweepstakes contests is to have fun. If it starts to become a chore or mindless, you may want to take a break for a little bit. Use sites like RewardFish to earn points for entering and redeem them for gift cards. You can also shop on RewardFish and complete free daily surveys to watch your point total soar! 

The internet is full of cool online contests and free online sweepstakes sites. Find the best options at RewardFish and enter to win big. 

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