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Home Internet Security

Date Published : 08-16-2021

Home internet security continues to become more and more important every year. With the undeniable rise of the use of the internet in our everyday lives, staying safe from trackers, hackers, and viruses has become non-negotiable.

There are a few things you can do at home to improve your internet home security:

  • Change the default name of your WiFi.  By default, it can be set to match the name of the manufacturer and this could help hackers find you.
  • Make your WiFi password strong and unique, changing it frequently if possible.
  • Enable network encryption. Many times, this can be set to “off” by default.  You will need to go in and set it to be “on”. Turn off Network Name Broadcasting.  There is no need your neighbors need to know the name of your WiFi, unless of course, you want them to.
  • Make sure to keep your router software up to date. This will ensure any new threats are met with the most resistance available.
  • Set up your firewall. As with the encryption this feature can be defaulted to be “off” and you simply want to ensure it’s turned “on”.

Keeping your personal information and cyber footprint untraceable is nearly as important as having an extensive in-home security system. Luckily, we have you covered and protected on RewardFish.

Norton 360

Norton 360 offers all-in-one internet security packages that provide layers of security with Dark Web Monitoring, a personal VPN, PC webcam takeover blocks and more. Norton provides the protection you need against cyberthreats in today's increasingly cyber connected world. Norton also offers an extensive range of supervision tools to help you monitor your kids’ activities online so you can know they can learn and explore the world wide web safely. Choose from a variety of different security options to find what works best for you and your family.

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McAfee Total Protection

Protecting over 600 million devices, there’s no doubt that McAfee total Protection is one of the most reliable and trusted home internet security systems on the market. When you choose a multi-device plan for your technology, MacAfee also offers 1 year of MacAfee Gamer Security for free. MacAfee goes above and beyond to protect you and your family’s identity, personal information, and finances from fraud. Shop online with peace of mind knowing you are protected through a private connection and personal VPN, safe from cyber hackers. Lastly, don’t stress about stumbling upon fraudulent sites, MacAfee will alert and bring you back to safety if you happen to click on un untrusted link. McAfee has your digital back.

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