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How to Get Free Samples

Date Published : 06-08-2021

There's nothing more fun than getting a sample of great new products for free. Manufacturers of small and big brands want to get free samples out to consumers so they can try new items and in turn, go out and buy the full-size version of the product on their next shopping excursion. In the past, getting a free sample was more about being in the right place at the right time. Now, the internet is a great resource and makes it easy to get freebies delivered right to your door. Here are the best strategies that can give you a constant flow of free samples so you can always try something new.

Join Reward Sites

One of the easiest ways to get free samples of your favorite products is to join a rewards site like RewardFish features an easy and fast sign-up process that gives members access to multiple free sample offers. The free samples are all in one place on the site making them easy to locate and sign up for. Membership to RewardFish is also free. AND, when taking offers through you earn points, redeemable toward the gift card of your choice. 

Complete Surveys

Another way to get free samples delivered to your mailbox is to fill out consumer surveys. Some survey sites allow you to earn a free sample in exchange for your time filling out a product survey. At RewardFish, there are some online survey options that also come with a free product sample to try out. Some surveys require you to use the product for a certain number of days or weeks and then complete the questionnaire with your thoughts about the quality of the item.

Write Product Reviews

You can also earn free samples for some products if you are willing to write a detailed product review. For example, take RewardFish’s offer for Daily Goodie Box. Daily Goodie Box will send members free samples of a variety of products. After receiving the box of products, members have to try them out and then give feedback and reviews of the items. The free samples include snacks, candy, vitamins and health and medical products.

Go to Store Grand Openings

If you want a change of scenery and some new excitement, you can also find free samples at new retail store and restaurant openings. When a new brand establishment sets up shop in your neighborhood, try to find out when the location will be doing its soft opening. The soft opening happens before the official grand opening date and may feature some freebies to get the staff used to the flow of business. Restaurants and retail stores often use free samples to give an incentive for visitors to stop by and try out the new brand. A new location may need to iron out some of the kinks before they officially open for business. If you're willing to try out something that may not be perfect, you can get some free stuff and have some fun in the process.

Sign Up for Offers

You can also get lots of free samples if you sign up for as many offers as possible. On RewardFish, you can get a constant stream of samples from This site simply collects your information and matches your demographics and lifestyle with brands that may interest you. Some of the types of samples you may get from this site could be laundry detergent, candles, snacks, shampoo and other personal care products.

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Connect With Brands for Free Samples

Free sample enthusiasts can also connect to brands they love to get access to the newest items. It would take a lot of time to individually reach out to each brand you may want to try. Luckily through RewardFish, you can link to Sample Hawk and Healthy Living Freebies, which can connect you to hundreds of brands with one simple sign-up step. Through these sites, you can get free samples from big box stores, retailers, fast food restaurants, household cleaning items and products from the grocery store.

Make a Major Purchase

Sometimes, you can also rake in the benefits and get free stuff if you make a major purchase. When you buy a new home or a new vehicle, ask about free samples or add-ons that you may qualify for due to the big purchase. You can also shop around when deciding where to buy a new home or vehicle and ask about any offers for free items or samples. In some cases, you can even get free offers from your home or auto loan lender. Moving to a new neighborhood may also qualify you for coupons and free samples of products in local retail stores. Be sure to check out any potential new neighbor discounts or samples if you’ve recently made a big move.

Experience a Life Change

The last easy way to get free samples is to experience a big life change. A life change could be having a new baby, adopting a child, getting a pet or retiring. New parents can take advantage of free sample offers from diaper companies, formula brands and other baby products. Pet owners can also find new product samples at their local pet store or vet's office.

If you want to get easy access to hundreds of free product samples, check out Joining is fast and free, and every offer you complete earns you points toward the gift card of your choice!

Mollie has been writing for corporate blogs for nearly ten years.
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