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How to Save Money Without Missing Out

Date Published : 06-04-2021

You don’t have to sacrifice, entertainment, healthy meals, self-care, or even charitable giving in order to save money. By taking advantage of great deals available to you through RewardFish you can have your cake and eat it too (heck, have two slices). Here’s some of the great ways you can save with your RewardFish membership and earn points toward gift cards in the process!

Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

Whether you love watching your favorite television shows on demand, or you’re a hardcore gamer trying to save on the cost of games, we have something for you. 

Sign up for Hulu through RewardFish to earn 400 points and access hit televisions shows and movies on demand. And don’t forget about award-winning Hulu Originals like “The Handmaids Tale,” available only on Hulu. Subscriptions starting at $5.99 a month with RewardFish.

Love video games? Check out GameFly where you can rent the latest released for Xbox and PS4 for only $10 for your first month. Rent one game for two months (giving you plenty of time to beat it) and earn 500 points in the process. That’s the equivalent of a $5 gift card, making GameFly a great deal for all you gamers out there. 

Give the Gift of Reading

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to spoil the children in your life. Give the gift of reading all year long with Lillypost and get 30% off your first order or free shipping and earn 600 points! That’s a win-win. Choose between 4 board books, 3 picture books, or a combination of both each month! 

Self Care

Let’s talk about treating yourself! Self-care is important, and doing a few little things each month can help you feel on top of the world. 

Into make-up and skin care. Check out the Allure Beauty Box and receive more than $220 worth of products each month. Test out the latest in makeup and skincare. Pamper yourself at home and earn 300 points in the process!

We all know razors can be expensive (like, really expensive). Why pay so much when you can save up to 70% with ShaveMob (and earn 125 RewardFish points). Receive high-quality, stainless steel blades suitable for men and women, delivered right to your mailbox. Stay smooth, my friends!

Don’t wait for someone to get you fresh flowers. It’s time to treat yourself! With BloomsyBox. Receive deliveries of fresh flowers from farmers around the world. Discover your new favorite flowers and earn 350 RewardFish points!

No more hiding that smile! With Candid self-aligners you can correct misalignments in your teeth and save 65% compared to the cost of braces. Get self-aligners delivered right to your door and show off those pearly whites! The best part? Earning 700 RewardFish points in the process.

Cooking Made Simple

Teach your kids to love cooking with Raddish Kids, a monthly cooking subscription for children. Chop, cook and eat your way to a fun family time in the kitchen and earn 375 points when you sign up, plus get $20 off and the Raddish Kids free E-kit.

Looking to eat healthier? Join Purple Carrot and embrace the plant-based revolution! This meal delivery service makes it easy to cook up tasty and healthy plant-based meals. Discover new foods and new flavors! Eat what you love and earn a whopping 1,250 points when you sign up through RewardFish.

Meal kits can take the guesswork (and stresswork) out of deciding what’s for dinner. No more last minutes trips to the grocery store after a long day of work. Home Chef has the highest rate of customer satisfaction among meal kit services. Take $30 off and earn 1,000 points when you sign up with RewardFish.

Mollie has been writing for corporate blogs for nearly ten years.
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