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A Reward Link is simply the easiest way to give the gift of choice. You’ll find dozens of premium gift cards, and with digital delivery you will receive the reward value instantly. You are a few simple clicks away from choosing the gift card you really want.

THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY TO REWARD LINK: Reward Link is managed by Tango Card, Inc. Reward Links expire on the date stated on the Reward and are valid within the USA only. Reward Links are issued to Reward Recipient without charge for loyalty, award, or promotional purposes, and are not sold to consumers. Your Reward Link balance may be redeemed for national gift cards and can be accessed at any time by clicking the Reward Link URL. Reward can only be redeemed by the Reward Recipient; Reward cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged. All redemptions are final. Reward Link balances from different programs cannot be combined. No fees apply to Reward Link. Please treat like cash. Please view our full terms of service at Use of this Reward constitutes acceptance of the Reward Link terms of service. Separate terms and conditions apply after Reward Link redemption based on merchant selected for redemption.

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